NIOXIN delivers five effects for
thicker, fuller-looking hair.

• Reduction of hair loss due to breakage
• Delivery of fuller-looking hair
• Amplication of hair texture
• Strengthening resilience of hair
against damage
• Removal of follicle-clogging sebum
from scalp
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NIOXIN has a complete range of thinning-hair systems and specialised products, each with innovative skincare-for-hair technologies to help you enjoy thicker, fuller-looking hair.

There are six 3-part systems which help cleanse, optimise and treat the hair and scalp environment.

The Scalp Renew in-salon Dermabrasion Treatment and take-home Density Protection help restore a healthy look to your scalp and hair and give you maximum benefits from your NIOXIN 3-Part System.

Intensive treatments provide specialised complimentary products for either areas of low hair density or hair that is extremely dry or damaged

It's a common problem and a huge source of stress. The truth about thinning hair is that it cannot be reversed, but with early detection, professional consultation, and advanced products and technologies, you can make the most of the hair you have
  • WE would like to introduce a new product designed specifically for thinning hair.
    NIOXIN has been around for approximately 20 years but has been in the USA.
    It has been their Number 1 brand leader for thinning hair for the last 10 years.
    Nioxin is designed to strengthen, nourish and repair hair from its foundation.
    Whether your hair is thin-looking or you have areas of thinning hair, NIOXIN has the expertise to address your issue with an individually tailored treatment.